archavigrahaThe deity form of the Lord or the Archa-Vigraha, is an incarnation of the Lord in a form appreciable by a devotee. The Supreme Lord is also known as Adhokshaja, one who cannot be seen by the material eyes. Out of His compassion the Lord manifests Himself in the visible form of a deity through the material elements like stone, wood, paint, gold, silver and jewels. The archa vigraha is considered to be non-different from the Supreme Lord residing in His eternal abode. This form inspires devotional service in devotees.
Srila Prabhupada explains:
“Krishna comes therefore personally and exhibits this Krishna murti. Krishna's Deity and Krishna are not different. Krishna has kindly come to accept your service as you can deal with Him. If Krishna comes in His gigantic form, as it was shown to Arjuna—you will not be able to capture Him, neither you have any means to dress him. Suppose the universal form of Krishna is there, and you have to dress Him, so the whole cloth factory will be finished. Is it not? How you can dress? You have no capacity to dress. But Krishna has kindly accepted a form, the Deity. You can purchase cloth according to your means, and with your great devotion, you can dress. Similarly, it s described in the Bhagavad-gita that in the gigantic virat-rupa, universal form, He is eating. The whole humanity is going into His mouth. Then where you will get such food? But, because you are not able to offer such gigantic food to Krishna, Krishna says, "All right, give Me patram pushpam phalam toyam; give Me a little flower, give Me a little fruit, give Me a little water, I shall accept it." This is called arcana-viddhi. Krishna has agreed to accept your service as you can afford to do. It is not idol worship. It is actually worshiping Krishna.”

The deities to grace the temple are Sri Radha Madhav and Sri Nitai Gauranga.
Sri Sri Radha Madhav: Sri Sri Radha Madhav will be the presiding deities. This form of Their Lordships depicts Them enjoying the sweet nectar-filled mood of Vrindavan with Lord Krishna playing His enchanting flute and Srimati Radharani by His side. The worship of Sri Radha Krishna is considered to the highest as Their Lordships are not only served with great awe and reverence but also with intense love and affection. 
Sri Sri Nitai Gauranga: According the Vedic scriptures, Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is identified as none other than the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna. He appeared in the age of Kali to deliver the fallen souls by propagating the chanting of Hare Krishna Maha-mantra. He is accompanied by Lord Nityananda, who is an incarnation of Lord Balarama. Nitai refers to Lord Sri Nityananda as He is affectionately called. And Gauranga refers to Lord Chaitanya as He has a golden complexion.