Nitya Seva


Sponsor any one arati of the day for Sri Sri Radha Madhav.




Shodashopachar Seva

Offer seva for daily abhishekam of the Deities with special Vedic ingredients. 




Tulasi Garland on Ekadashi

Tulasi leaves are very dear to Lord Krishna and they are offered to His lotus feet throughout the day. In all offerings of special foodstuffs, tulasi leaves are added for His pleasure. Tulasi garlands are also offered to the deities during Ekadashi. Support this seva of the Lord. 




Pushpa-Alankar Seva

Offer flower garlands and flowers for worship of the Deities




Rajbhog Seva

The grand food offering made to the Lord during the noon is called Rajbhog. 





Pilgrims visiting the temple are served free  prasadam. Offer seva to distribute prasadam in your name on the special occasion of your choice.