Pastimes of Lord Krishna

krishna-pastimesThe activities performed by the Supreme Lord are known as pastimes or lila. These activities are different from the activities performed by the ordinary human beings in many respects. The pastimes of the Lord are performed out of His sweet free will for His own and devotees’ pleasure whereas the activities performed by humans are under the bondage of their karmic reactions. Lord performs super human feats which no human being can imitate, like lifting of Govardhan Hill on the little finger for seven days or showing the entire universe within His mouth.

Lord Krishna in His various incarnations performs varieties of pastimes in order to fulfill His purpose of appearance that is to protect the devotees, annihilate the demons and reestablish the principles of religion. The special feature of Lord Krishna’s pastimes in Vrindavan is that they are the prototypes of the activities performed by the Lord in His spiritual abode, Goloka Vrindavan. When the Lord descends to the vrindavan-dham in this material world, He performs attractive and joyful pastimes to attract the living entities to join Him in similar activities in the spiritual world.

All the pastimes of the Supreme Lord in all His incarnations are full of spiritual potencies. Just by hearing or reciting these pastimes one can get liberated from the material world and enter into the spiritual abode of the Lord.

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