Maya's Master Mind is Modern Multipurpose Mobiles

(Compiled by Smita Krishna Dasa)

Earning one's livelihood is not a problem. Every day the so-called leaders of modern society invent something contributing to a cumbersome way of life that implicates people more and more in the real problems of life i.e,cycle of birth, death, old age and disease. The real problem is how to get free from the bondage of birth, death and old age. Attaining this freedom is the basic principle of Vedic civilization not inventing unnecessary necessities.


Bali Mahäräja accepted this civilization of the soul in exchange for his great material possessions and thus became fit for promotion to the kingdom of God. The kingdom of heaven, which he achieved by dint of his material power, was considered most insignificant in comparison with the kingdom of God.

Those who have attained the comforts of a material civilization made for sense gratification should try to attain the kingdom of God by following in the footsteps of Bali Mahäräja, who exchanged his acquired material strength, adopting the process of bhakti-yoga as recommended in the Bhagavad-gitä and further explained in the Srimad-Bhägavatam.