Balaram Jayanti

Balaram Jayanti

The auspicious appearance day of Lord Balarama, the elder brother of Lord Sri Krishna, is celebrated on the full-moon day of Shravana (August). Lord Balarama appeared as the son of Rohini and Vasudeva. He is also known as Baladeva and Sankarshana. He gives us the required spiritual strength to cross over the hurdles in our journey of self-realization. Devotees fast till noon and pray to Lord Balarama to bestow the spiritual strength needed to practice spiritual life.

Annadana Seva

Sponsor the distribution of prasadam during this festival in the name of your family or loved ones.

Vishesha Naivedya Seva

Contribute towards the special naivedya offering made to Lord Balarama on this day.

Pushpalankara Seva

Sponsor colourful and fragrant flowers offered to Lord Balarama during the abhisheka.

Vastra Abharana Seva

Lord Balarama is dressed in fine garments and specially decorated with ornaments and fragrant flowers on this auspicious day. Donate towards the new outfits and jewellery of the Lord.


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