How to make Tulasi Garland?


Hare Krishna! Today, I am thrilled to share my experience of crafting a Tulsi Mala at the serene Shri Radha Madhav Mandir. Join me on this spiritual journey as we explore the art of making a beautiful Tulsi bead necklace, a symbol of devotion and love for the divine.

Exploring the Mini Tulsi Forest

As I entered the enchanting gardens surrounding the Shri Radha Madhav Mandir, I engaged in a heartfelt conversation with Shyamu, reveling in the beauty of the surroundings. The lush Tulsi forest in the mini temple compound caught my attention. It was a sight to behold, with Tulsi Maharani thriving abundantly.

Seeking Permission

With anticipation, I approached Tulsi Maharani, seeking her permission to collect a few leaves for crafting a Tulsi Mala. The process of crafting this sacred necklace involves not only picking the leaves but also carefully selecting small twigs or dandis for a complete and authentic experience.

Harvesting Tulsi Leaves

With the support of Shyamu and the temple team, we spent an hour carefully harvesting Tulsi leaves. It was a labor of love, each leaf destined to become a part of the divine Tulsi Mala. As the beads are used for worshipping Lord Krishna, we handled them with utmost reverence.

Preparing Tulsi Beads

Upon collecting a significant number of Tulsi leaves, it was time to prepare the beads. Unlike the traditional method involving needles, we simply used our hands to string the Tulsi beads. The small twigs or dandis were also carefully chosen and included in the process.

Wetting the Beads

To enhance the life span of Tulsi beads, I immersed them in water, ensuring they were thoroughly wet. This step was crucial, especially since the following day marked Ekadashi, a significant day for offering prayers and devotion to Lord Krishna.

Creating the Mala

With the wet Tulsi beads ready, I began the process of stringing them together. Without the need for needles or threads, I simply used my hands to create a beautiful Tulsi Mala. It's essential to remember that a shorter thread (approximately 15 inches) is sufficient for a comfortable crafting experience.

A Spiritual Progress

Crafting the Tulsi Mala turned out to be a gratifying experience. As I marveled at the progress made, the beads aligned seamlessly, forming a divine necklace. The endeavor, though requiring patience, was immensely rewarding, and the sweat felt during the process only added sweetness to the fruit of my labor.


As I proudly adorned the Tulsi Mala the next day during Ekadashi Darshan, the sight of Lord Krishna and Radha adorned with similar divine necklaces filled my heart with joy.

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