Quest for Satisfaction

A life of self-preservation aimed at experiencing higher strata of happiness entails one to search within, for that identity which is not limited to time, space & substance. The salient element of the forms on this planet is the earthly element, keeping a note on the fact that the other elements like air, fire, water & ether are also constituents of it. This earthly body is tailor-made to live only in conditions that are prevalent on this planet, hence limiting it to a particular Space, substance & also time. Though there are continuous efforts by the scientific community, being made to look for an alternative space to live on, is only in it’s naïve development to get some space in nearby planets like Mars. Due to the fact that we have been expert in destroying this very planet which had been gifted to us to live in harmony with the modern hunger for greed through industrialization of various types which have led to the abuse of land, pollution of the atmosphere, damaged our water habitats which are directly correlated to our health & many more.

The desire to travel from one place to another is very intrinsic to the humans due to the quest to know more, and create things that enhance their living conditions. The transformation from the meagre needs that were required during the medieval times to the ever-increasing demands of today’s modern day shows how life has undoubtedly become easier but with a greater price of peace, integrity, serenity, trust etc. We see that we are more dependent on gadgets for even the simplest of things, which has duly made us so much addicted to them. And we are increasingly replacing humans with these machines.

The on-going debate of what kind of disastrous impact the AI (artificial intelligence) is going to have on our future, is spreading an alarming concern. Since the robots with AI even though created by humans may gradually exceed the intelligence of humans and become a big threat to many with average or lesser intelligence. As we notice in many of our dealings with the outside world have become increasingly dependent on technology, which means the near ones become too far & the distant unknown people become very near, which is very much evident through Apps like WhatsApp, FB, twitter etc. Thus leading to the scrambling fall of the social structure in which there is lesser trust & integrity between humans. But since the humans are known to be social in nature, they do need some company and the gap will be filled with robots which are designed to cater to our needs which have no end due to the greed prominent in the World around today, leaving us with a mental satisfaction of having a company of a human-like entity which could at any time malfunction to cause a bigger disaster. Off late there has been a lot of discussion on a human-robot named “Sophia”, designed to make our lives of lonely elder a bit easier, but all that can be said is that we are competing with the True creator to make our own toys which is just a tyrant attempt to fill the gaps that the technological generation has brought.

Hence we can posit this fact that, we are looking for something which is beyond the range of matter or as commonly known as anti-matter. And this subject is thoroughly discussed in the Vedic literatures, pointing out the root cause being the “identity crisis”. We are not these bodies but an identity beyond it, we are Spirit Souls.