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About us 

Youth Empowerment Club is aimed at crystallizing the formative phase of the younger generation with key values that guide them throughout their lives. Some of the most vital and practical knowledge has been inherited from the time-tested Vedic wisdom and woven into methodic workshops.
Our programs have been catalyzing the youth culture by designing rich avenues in art, theatre, science, philosophy, and many more. A vibrant community of highly progressive young minds awaits you.

Who can Join?

Girls from Age 13 onwards

When & Where? 

Sunday - 6:30PM to 8:00PM @ Online / Hare Krishna Mandir, Bhadaj

Vedic Studies

The word Veda means knowledge. The Vedas are the storehouse of knowledge covering various disciplines such as sociology, politics, religion, economy, astronomy, physics, chemistry, metaphysics and so on. Above and beyond all this, they contain specific directions for spiritual realization.

The Vedic knowledge is received directly from the Supreme Personality of Godhead and hence it is the original, most authoritative and perfect knowledge. Girls learn the values of our Vedic scriptures, including the holy Bhagavad Gita. They learn the best practices so that they can live without stress and can feel the real joy of their lives. We make great efforts to restore the values of our Vedas. The best thing about our Vedas is that they are focused on family life and they talk about the problems associated with an individual. Vedas, help one can find easier solutions to all problems.


Life Style Management Workshops

Learning is a lifelong process. But the right lessons can scale your personality to unprecedented levels. This workshops are designed by blending the age-old traditional wisdom with the modern practicalities, with proper guidance and training, even girls with zero background in Indian culture can be quickly transformed into first class responsible citizens as members of a glorious civilization.

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Interactive Sessions

Bahu Rupi – Theatre Workshop

Divine Melodies Workshop

Sattvik Culinary Workshop


Yoga Retreat

Personality Enrichment Workshop based on the principles of Bhagavad Gita. Yoga Retreat will equip you with invincible tools for leading a life of seamless joy. To help you achieve the desired end, 5 essential principles have been highlighted in the program get to know:

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The excitement to attend sessions on different topics once a month along with a life skill class of cooking and blissful kirtan. Ends up by having delicious prasadam of Lord Sri Krishna.

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To join us, message “Youth Club” to 9714733229 on WhatsApp

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