Jagannatha Puri Bahuda Ratha Yatra



Evant Date:
2022 July 09 @ 04:30 AM
After spending seven days in the Gundicha Temple, the Lord returns to His Sri Mandira in the same ratha. This is known as Bahuda Yatra. On the way back, jagannatha puri bahuda yatraLord Jagannath stops in the Mausima temple to meet His aunt. A special offering is made for the Lord with rice, coconut and lentils mixed with jaggery. After that the Lord arrives at Singha-dwara. Lakshmi devi sees the Lord from a pavilion and she comes out in a palanquin to meet the Lord, receives His garland and then goes back to the temple to wait for Him. The next day is Ekadashi and the Lord is offered a special drink known as Adhara Pana. On that evening, all the three Deities are adorned in Sunar vesha and lakhs of pilgrims throng around the ratha to get the glimpse of the Sunar Vesha Darshana of the Lord.  The next day the Lord goes back to the Sri Mandira (his temple in Niladri).