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Offer Nitya Ekantha Seva

Ekantha Seva is the final and most intimate service of the day offered to Their Lorships Sri Sri Radha Madhav. This serene and enchanting seva includes two significant events:

  1. Jhulan (Swing) Ceremony: During Ekantha Seva, the deities Sri Sri Radha Madhav are beautifully adorned with Jhulan decorations, reminiscent of the swing festival in Vrindavan. This represents the playful and loving pastimes of Radha and Krishna. Devotees have the privilege to witness this enchanting sight, which captures the hearts of all participants, immersing them in the divine love shared between the divine couple.

  2. Shayana (Rest) Ceremony: After the Jhulan ceremony, the deities are lovingly placed on a special Shayana Bed. This represents the deities' rest after a day of blessing and grace upon their devotees. The Shayana Bed is exquisitely decorated, creating an ambience of peaceful repose. During this time, devotees offer their heartfelt prayers and wishes to Sri Sri Radha Madhav, fostering a deep spiritual connection.

By participating in Ekantha Seva and donating, you become an integral part of these sacred events. Your contribution supports the temple and its activities, allowing it to continue serving as a spiritual sanctuary for seekers and devotees from all walks of life. It also enables the temple to organize charitable and educational activities for the community's welfare.

Engaging in Ekantha Seva is a profound spiritual experience that brings divine blessings, inner peace, and a sense of joy in giving selflessly for a higher cause. It is an invitation to deepen your spiritual connection with Sri Sri Radha Madhav and experience the transformative power of devotion.

Embrace this opportunity to be a part of these divine events and witness the divine love and grace of Sri Sri Radha Madhav. Your presence and support during Ekantha Seva contribute to preserving timeless traditions and promoting spiritual and cultural heritage.


Ekanta Seva - Nitya Seva

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