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1. Gift voucher for every session 
2. Meditation kit
3. Recordings available. 
4. Personal counseling

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Secrets of Relationship Management

Practical tips for making strong, trustworthy, productive, health & sweet relationships

Secrets of Happiness

  1. Entire world is searching after happiness. We want everlasting, unlimited, uninterrupted happiness. how to get it?
  2. What are the sources of happiness?

Secrets of Self-control

  1. How to control anger?
  2. How to come out of negativity & be positive always?
  3. How to focus on my goals?
  4. How to control the self?

Why spirituality in my life - the topmost secret

  1. What is spirituality?
  2. I have everything in my life, why I need spirituality?
  3. Is it practical to practice it day-to-day life?
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