Sri Krishna Janmashtami

Sri Krishna Janmashtami

Janmashtami is a grand celebration to commemorate the appearance of Lord Krishna, The Supreme Personality of Godhead. It is the celebration of joy, love, and divinity. On the day of Janmashtami, the temple hall is decorated with beautiful and fragrant flowers, and thronged by devotees who are eager to have Darshan of the Lord and serve Him. There are varieties of flowers used for the beautification of the temples, and the festival starts in the early morning.
One of the main rituals on this day is the ceremonial bathing of the deities. Both the deities of Radha Madhav & Laddu Gopal  get the ceremonial bathing, Maha Abhishekam 4 times a day. Prasadam is distributed among devotees, and there are festive activities going on throughout the day with melodious Kirtan and chanting of the Holy name practically the entire day. In the evening Sri Sri Radha Madhav will have Golden Ratha Yatra around the campus.
At midnight, the Lordships are offered an Aarti yet again, and hundreds of men and women watch with teary eyes, full of love and devotion for the Supreme Lord. After that Cake cutting in the celebration of birth of Sri Krishna followed by Jhulan Seva & Ekant Seva. The festivities go on until the next day as well. This is when Nandotsav is celebrated.

Khichadi Prasadam - Annadana Seva

We are distributing more than 2 Lac Khichadi Prasadam in just 1 day. Sponsor the distribution of special Khichadi Pradsadam to all temple visitors in the name of your family or loved ones on Janmashtami Day

Vishesha Alankara Seva

Contribute towards decorating Lord Krishna with fine garments and colourful flower garlands to celebrate His Appearance.

Vishesha 108 Bhog Seva

Vishesh 108 Rajbhog seva is a special offering of delicious food to Lord Krishna on the occasion of Janmashtami. This seva is a way of showing our love and devotion to Lord Krishna.

Sahasra Dhar Abhisheka Seva

Sponsor for an elaborate and grand abhishekam for Radha Madhav in this auspicious day to welcome the Supreme Lord.

Makhan Mishri Seva

Receive the special blessings of Makhan Lal by sponsoring His very favourite Makhan Mishri.

Gau Poshana Seva

On this auspicious day, performing charitable activities in the service of Gau Mata is also recommended. Offer Gau Poshana Seva to protect and nourish the cows residing at our goshala.

Jhulan Seva

Jhulan Seva is a special service performed on Janmashtami, the birthday of Lord Krishna. Get a chance to perform Jhulan Sevaa to Laddu Gopal, while singing bhajans and offering prayers.

Swarna Ratha Yatra Seva

Join us for the spectacular Swarna Ratha Yatra Seva on Janmashtami! Witness the resplendent golden chariot procession, celebrating Lord Krishna's birth. Your generous donations will help us organize this grand event and spread joy and devotion among countless devotees. Support us today and be a part of this divine celebration!


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