Support Our Hospital Feeding Programme In Gujarat

Served more than 1.1 crore meals


Patients & caretakers are served daily


Government & municipality hospitals


Locations (Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Vadodara & Jamnagar)

Patients admitted in government hospitals come mainly from far off villages and towns and are accompanied by their relatives. Unavailability of food in the hospitals forces them to depend on roadside stalls. The food in these stalls is neither nutritious nor hygienic. It is also an added expense for the family of the patients who are already struggling to pay the hospital bills.

To provide nutritious food to patients and their caretakers, we initiated the Hospital Feeding Programme.

  • Menu: Rice, Roti, Vegetable dal, Sabji, Salad, Khichadi and Soup.
  • Meal service: Meal is served two times in a day to patients and their carers throughout the year irrespective of public holidays or festivals.
  • Cooking facility: Food is cooked in our centralized kitchen by adhering to highest level of hygiene standards and minimal human intervention.
  • Meal delivery: Once the food is cooked it’s packed in clean, sanitised vessels and transported to hospitals through customized food distribution vehicles.

Need for Hospital Feeding Programme

Nutritious food plays a big role in fast recovery of patients. It positively affects their mental, physical, and emotional well-being. It boosts their morale and encourages them to have a positive attitude towards the treatment and recovery. But getting such nutritious food in government and municipality hospitals is a huge challenge for patients. This is where Hospital Feeding Programme comes to their rescue.